December 11, 2007

Monday 10th December 2007

Another catchy title to get this weeks update off to an auspicious start.

And now for the news:

The blog

Comments seem to be working using the TypeKey thing, so I'm sticking with it for the meantime. Similar on the facelift, it stays for now, font and all. Many thanks for the feedback, it was noted and considered so I hope that some of the people will be pleased some of the time with this decision.

Hallam Foe

Our film continues it's journey round the world. Last week Hallam Foe was screened at the Taipei Film Festival in Taiwan where David went as ambassador. He then made his way round the globe to the Bahamas, where he is now, with the film. Glamorous locations indeed but a pretty punishing schedule in terms of the old body-clock jet-lag being as it is.

The film has been brilliantly received at both festivals and when I have some news about the competitive side of these festivals I'll add it to this post.

For reasons unknown to me the DVD of Hallam Foe will not be released in time for Christmas but will be out in the UK on the 4th February next year. So a couple of months to wait for those of you eager to get your hands on it. The extras, as far as I know, are the podcasts we made for the film and also a commentary from David on the movie and deleted scenes. All good stuff.

Rounding Up Donkeys

RUD is still in the casting phase. It looks like they are closer to deciding who the main cast are going to be so I should be able to give you more info towards the end of the week and hopefully a message from producer Anna Duffield.

I Love Luci

Things are progressing at a lightning pace with my short. It wasn't shortlisted for the scheme I entered the script into but other avenues seem to be opening up. I am now looking at potential cast with the fantastic Kahleen Crawford and have the wonderful Brian Coffey on board as producer.

I am currently writing the next draft and hope to have it in a position to apply for funding before Xmas.

When I feel ready I think I am going to put the script on line. I'm still not sure about doing this but I think I may well do it once there is funding in place. The other thing I am thinking of doing is putting footage of the rushes on this site so that people can edit their own versions of my film. This obviously has a load of issues surrounding it so far as funding is concerned but I will tackle those as and when they arise. There will be contractual implications with this sort if thing so I'll need to approach it carefully.

Happy Xmas to all who read this site and all the best for 2008. Your support is much appreciated.

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December 5, 2007


Who'd have thunk it?


Quite unbelievably the TypeKey process of leaving a comment on the blog actually works! This is a source of great delight for me as it spells the end of bloody irritating spam and the several hours it takes to work through all that junk.

Of course there is a downside to this technological breakthrough in that the less tech savvy amongst you reading this blog are probably thinking that there is now an impenetrable convoluted commenting system that alienates you from the commenting process. I am guessing, of course, but I know how I feel when I come up against some seemingly pointless system.

If you feel like commenting but feel daunted by the system then here is a step-by-step guide to navigating this new addition to the blog:

1. Get a TypeKey account. It's very simple, just click here.

2. Once you've done that as long as you are signed in to TypeKey you should be able to leave a comment and it will be posted automatically and immediately.

Now you can't say that isn't simple.

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December 3, 2007

Monday 3rd December 2007

Not the catchiest of titles for this post, forgive me, it's Monday morning.

Here comes the update, not exactly hot off the press, more like news that's been festering for a week...

Hallam Foe

Follow the link below to some photos of the team at the BAFTA's and BIFA's. Both sets of awards have been limited in their fruits, we picked up the controversial Best Actress at the BAFTA's (a one horse race):

"there was little surprise when Sophia Myles was named best actress for her performance in Hallam Foe - as she was the only nomination in the category." The Scotsman

and shared Best Short with Warp Films for Dog Altogether which we co-produced and was directed by Paddy Considine.

Rounding Up Donkeys

Rounding Up Donkeys is currently in the casting phase, so there isn't a great deal I can say about it at the moment.

I Love Luci

It has been a positive week for my short film having garnered more support from those that have read the script. I have appointed a producer too this week so things should start to move a little faster.

I am currently working on another draft of the script and starting to hone the casting ideas. Incidentally, I am looking for an actress in their mid-thirties who is missing their front four teeth, so if anyone knows anyone or has some useful make-up tips on how to create these effects then I'd dearly love to hear from them.

See y'all next Monday.

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sigma gang bifa

sigma gang bifa

Originally uploaded by colin kennedy

Visit Flckr to see more snaps of the gang on the dancefloor

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November 30, 2007

Something I wanted to share

I just thought I'd share this little film I found on Youtube.

It's Werner Herzog eating a shoe. Brilliant.

Personally, I'm going for a curry now, but I'll be thinking about why Werner decided to eat shoe while I have my dinner.


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November 27, 2007

BIFA's 2007

We are off to London...


This week is the annual British Independent Film Awards and Hallam Foe is up for a few gongs.

Fingers crossed...

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November 26, 2007

Should I shouldn't I

I have been swithering over the last few months about whether or not to post more on (this site).

And today I thought that actually, I probably should post. It takes up a good bit of time, but surely even once a week is better than nothing and that would at least keep the whole thing ticking over.

So I have made myself a promise, I'll post once a week, regularly, Monday mornings, and see what comes of it.

New topics?

This site is primarily dedicated to Hallam Foe and it shall remain that way. But to be honest, the main info about David Mackenzie's latest movie is about how we are doing on the festival circuit and the stories are of limited interest. I mean, who wants to read about people going to festivals, meeting other filmmakers and introducing the film that took you there? OK, well it might be interesting once or twice but it quickly becomes a collection of snaps of the same people in different hotels around the world and that wears thin PDQ. It's all retrospective info that you can find elsewhere on this site so I feel it's largely ground we have covered already and stuff has to be fresh for me to remain excited and that's only way I can write stuff that people might want to read.


Does this picture really need any explanation?

I will however keep you abreast of some of that info and the odd photo here and there, perhaps some details about the wins and losses that we encounter and a tally of the airmiles or something, but I'd also like to broaden the blog a bit and start writing about the other things that are happening at Sigma Films.

The projects that I will concentrate on are the upcoming debut feature from Morag Mackinnon, Rounding Up Donkeys, all things well and good this will shoot in February and is the next in the Advance Party trilogy (the first was Red Road). This is a fantastic script written by the wonderful Colin Maclaren and is very different from Red Road despite sharing a few of the same characters. Watch this space...

The other thing I thought I'd write about is my first proper short, I Love Luci. I say 'my first proper short' because it is written by me, I have a hand in production and I am going to direct it. It's a kind of meeting of worlds somewhere between There's Something About Mary and Adam and Paul or the Farrelly Bros. meet Lenny Abrahamson. I suppose I'd define it as a romantic comedy that got burnt in the oven and doesn't taste quite as sweet as it should.

Current state of play is, I'm looking for funding. I'm also entered into a competition, but, my experience of competitions is that other people win them (even though this only the second comp I've entered in the film-making world). I figure there must be a lot of people who feel like this about competitions so I'm happy to share my sentiments. This will probably become a story about what you do with your script once you've lost the competition you wrote it for.

See you next Monday.

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September 25, 2007

Writing in a vacuum

I haven't been posting much lately for reasons I have stated in other articles, principally that the film is now in the hands of it's audience and has a life of it's own. It no longer really belongs to us but to you instead now, so my job is kind of done on the blogging front so far as this particular endeavour is concerned.

This no better exemplified than by something that happened to me today.

It is a very odd feeling creating all this stuff - photos, videos, witterings etc - and pumping them out into the world for anyone who is interested. This is not a commissioned piece of work with a preordained audience but an experiment to discover if this medium (blogging) has a place in the world so far as our medium of film is concerned and that brings with it certain anxieties.

However, I'm pleased to say that I think this experiment has been vindicated on a number of levels. I always suspected that it would do good things for the film; for example, there has been a sustained buzz about the movie for a long time, longer than I think we anticipated and I think that can be in no small part due to the constant stream of new information about our progress and exploits over the past 18 months. But there are other points of impact that I really never anticipated.

Principally, I have been most surprised by the depth of feeling that has been engendered in some of the followers of the blog and what it has meant to them to be part of the journey of Hallam Foe. A few regular readers have sent me wonderful heart felt messages explaining that this has been a genuinely meaningful experience. I could never have predicted that would be a product of our work here. One hopes that will always be a part of the film itself but I don't think that people would expect that of other aspects of the filmmaking process. This is, after all, a very serious and very cynical, even if very passionate, business.

Today I received a present from a keen follower of our blog and movie, someone who hasn't seen the film yet but that has been keeping a keen eye on our progress. With the present was a card saying 'thank you' for what we have been doing.

In return I'd just like to say a big thank you to him (you know who you are) and that I'm delighted that people have been able to derive so much from what we've been doing. It is those amongst you that take the time and energy to engage that really make this side of things worthwhile and make me realise that I am not writing in vacuum and that people can see that our writing a blog is not a cynical exercise in movie promotion but a real effort to share as much as possible about our beautiful nightmare.

Thank you all for your support, enjoy your film.

All best,

The Family Foe

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September 11, 2007

Oscar buzz


Well I was wondering when the Oscar buzz would start, and who better to kick it off than veteran master Nic Roeg?

Unfortunately Hallam Foe won't actually be eligible for an Oscar because movies have to be released in the States before November to qualify. So no Oscar noms for us - this year!

Who knows what might happen in 2008...

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September 6, 2007

Hallam Foe - FanMail from Nic Roeg

Dear David Mackenzie,

I saw your movie 'Hallam Foe' last Sunday and I have to tell you my wife and I both loved it. Congratulations. It is wonderfully directed, beautifully shot and superbly acted. Every performance had truth in it. Flawless. Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles should be practicing some Oscar thank-you speeches right now. I'm sorry to go on about it so much but it's rare and exciting to see something so fresh and original.

Thank you.


Nic Roeg

Wow!! This man is a master. Some of his films rank among THE BEST FILMS EVER MADE! (see below)

And he wrote that to me! Thank you Nic.


Take a look at him on IMDb and Wikipedia.

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September 3, 2007

Movie of the week

I have been checking various reviews and across the board Hallam appears to be doing pretty well, the Times gave it 4 stars on both Friday and Sunday and today it has 4 stars on the BBC Film review site from both the reviewer and the people the punters that have seen the film.

Here's a little excerpt from James King's podcast (standing in for Mark Kermode) on Radio 2:

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You will probably all be well aware of the amount stuff available online supporting the release of Hallam Foe but I thought I'd let you know of a few things out there.

There are a collection of four podcasts I made available on iTunes along with a load of clips from the movie and some fun stuff with Jamie Bell too,

Subscribe here:

and there's a great piece on the Film Four site with Jamie Bell, David Mackenzie and Sophia Myles:

(I don't seem to be able to get a specific URL for the Film Four video but it's called the Story of Hallam Foe and is very easy to find.)

On BBC2 (possibly only in Scotland) later this week there should be a program all about making a Scottish movie and Hallam Foe features very strongly in it. I'll get more transmission details as and when they become available.

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Hallam Foe is in the cinemas

This is just a reminder to let you know that Hallam Foe is now in the cinemas and we would really like you to pass on the message and get as much of a following behind the film as possible.

So head on down to the cinema and watch our movie and tell your friends.

Here's some shots of the gang in Dublin promoting the film:




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August 31, 2007

Hallam Foe is here, officially out of our hands, into the cinemas and available for all.


So to those of you that have seen it already (like it or not!) it is your duty to live up to your privilege and tell the world they must go and see this movie, preferably this weekend!

This is a rare moment for me. I didn’t do anything on the film that permits to have any real sense of ownership, but, strange as the world is, I have a great sense of inherited responsibility for the welfare of our baby. I have worked very hard on this project for a number of years (on and off in various capacities) and it has become very dear to my heart.

So I and the rest of the team commend Hallam Foe to you, our audience, and we are very proud to so. It has been a labour of love, our beautiful nightmare and we have finally arrived at the point of hand over. I thought this would be a far more momentous occasion in my mind but the realities of these moments are never as you predict. Instead each of those close to the grind of this production from start to finish has their heart in their mouth, bated breath and all the other clichés that point to a profound sense of anticipation as to our opening weekend fate.

I should say however, that like our offspring, the dear Hallam Foe, our endearing, feral wee monster, we tackle the world head on and will take our lot as it comes, we have worked hard and will get what we deserve for the fruits of our labour.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you fancy it, why not take a trip to the cinema (there’s a great new film out!).

Lots of love and a fond farewell from all the Family Foe.

ck x

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August 30, 2007

One day to go...

Tomorrow is Hallam Foe day.

Jamie Bell is Hallam Foe

There is not a lot more we can do here to send the film out into the big wide world. It's over to you.

I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we have a mix of feelings - we're very excited to see how the film fairs at the box office and very nervous too. We've had a great response by and large from those that have seen the film so far - from bloggers to critics the film has been very well received - but that is no guarantee that all will go well with audiences.

The Times
today published it's review, 4 stars, so hopefully that will encourage more people into the cinema this weekend.

...there’s a sense of magic that reflects the filter of Hallam’s innocence, eccentricity and otherness... Wendy Ide, The Times

When we were in Edinburgh there was a very real sense of coming full circle (particularly because we shot there) and that sentiment is very much with me now. The film now has a life of it's own, one that is pretty much uncontrollable. With that comes the realisation that the thing we have nurtured for the last however long cannot be guided any more. That lack of control over something that has been completely shaped at every turn to date is an odd thing to face.

Jamie Bell and David Mackenzie

Welcome to the beautiful nightmare Hallam Foe x

Hallam Foe, a film by David Mackenzie starring Jamie Bell

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August 27, 2007

4 days to go...

...until Hallam Foe hits UK cinemas on Friday 31st August.

Here is a more download friendly document for people to send out as an email.

Hallam Foe email document

The aim here is to reach as many people with databases as possible. We are really trying to encourage people to see the film this weekend as the opening weekend box office has a huge impact on the future of the film.

It transpires that this is not only important to exhibitors in the UK, but also people around the world as it's an indication of how the film will be received in other territories too. Basically, if we can get a good ground swell of support in the UK (the first territory to release the movie) then it will influence the kind of release the film gets elsewhere.

We hope you feel inclined to get behind the movie, if you know anyone with a database that you can enlist to send out the document above (or one you want to write yourself) then it would be much appreciated.

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August 24, 2007

The Big Push

Well D-Day is nearly with us (please pardon the WWII references but it feels a little like preparing for battle round here at the moment).

Next weekend Hallam Foe goes on general release in the UK, Friday 31st August

I have decided to take the liberty of posting a little text below for those of you that feel inclined to email everyone on the face of the planet to let them know about this momentous occasion. Now I know I shouldn't really be promoting spam, considering I am a victim of it everyday, but I do feel that in this particular instance it could be a potentially life enhancing thing. So spam away!

Here's the email, just copy and paste at your leisure (I'm working in a more download friendly version at the moment):


Dear All

Firstly, apologies for the blanket email but this one is important.

Our film that we have been working on for the last 5 years, HALLAM FOE, goes on general release next Friday, 31st August.

This is our chance to make a big splash so I’d like to urge you to take your friends, cousins, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, mistresses, partners, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, pets, other peoples pets, strangers, aliens, the people in your group therapy group, their friends and family, distant relatives you’d hoped you’d never have to see again and other life forms as yet undiscovered to the cinema to watch our movie.

Obviously, the film is nothing short of total genius and the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is making it a weekend to remember if you follow the simple rule of going to the cinema to see it.

The first weekend is the one that counts, a good turn out on Friday will guarantee a longer run in the cinema.

Click the link below to watch the trailer:

Myspace page:

Hallam Foe Blog:

Hallam Foe’s Facebook Group:

We hope you love the film and have a wonderful weekend next weekend (and this one incidentally, and all other future weekends, but next weekend in particular).

Lots of Love,

The Family Foe x

PS If the sun’s shining just ignore it, it’ll go away of it’s own accord and if you plan a picnic it’s almost bound to start raining by the time you get there and then you’ll wish you were in the cinema x

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August 22, 2007

Kate Modern Meets Hallam Foe

Head over to Bebo to get more Hallam Foe & Kate Modern.

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August 14, 2007

Hallam Foe Podcast 1

Welcome to the beautiful nightmare friends of the family Foe, here is the first of four podcasts about the making of Hallam Foe starring some of the major contributors to the film:

Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles as The Star and Leading Lady,
David Mackenzie as The Director,
Gillian Berrie as The Producer,
Angus Pigott as The Associate Producer,
Giles Nuttgens as The Director of Photography
and Tom Sayer as The Production Designer.

EXCLUSIVE Hallam Foe Podcast

Add to My Profile | More Videos

These are getting an exclusive release on MyspaceTV first off (although that obviously means anyone can link to it and post it on their own site) and will also be available on Film Four's site this week I think(?).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my wee film, the second will be out within the next couple of days.


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August 8, 2007

Coming soon to your apparel everywhere (well Edinburgh)...


Made by Moo.

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August 2, 2007

Family Foe Flickr Slideshow...

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Original Flickr photo set here.

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Filmmakers Foe in Motovun

Motovun, Croatia

I have uploaded a bunch of photos on the Have You Seen Hallam Foe Facebook Group for those that are interested. There's plenty of shots of David and Gillian and also a couple of shots of Jamie Bell too.

It seems like such a long time ago now that we were there, its quite nostalgic looking back through the pictures (although there aren't that many of them).

I'm glad that Lee has been uploading the odd video since we got back, I have a lot of footage too. It's going to take me a while to get it up here on to the blog however as I am busy editing the podcasts about the making of Hallam Foe.

On that note I'm pleased to say that they are coming on pretty well. I've had very positive feedback from BVI and it looks like they will get an exclusive release on Myspace to start off with and then hopefully be available on the Film Four website and of course the official Hallam Foe site. I will also run a syndication from here at some point in the near future.

As with making any film compromises abound. Yesterday I had to make some enforced cuts because the content was too explicit, I have tried to preserve as much as possible and we came to a good arrangement in the end. Who knows, maybe one day I'll release the hardcore version on here!

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July 31, 2007

Hallam Foe triumphs with the Fipresci in Motovun

As the more adventurous readers of our blog have noted, helegis I'm looking at you, Hallam Foe picked up the FIPRESCI award at Motovun. Essentially being the film which the critics in attendance decided to award as their best in show.

From Motovun's site, a description of the Fipresci's organisation:

Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique – the oldest and most prestigious association of film critics with members from around 50 countries of the world. The association's award, given by its international film critics juries, gained exceptional popularity among film authors.

The night was sultry. Here producer Gillian Berrie, Jamie Bell and David Mackenzie took to the stage to collect the award.


Image courtesy of the Motovun Film Festival.

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You're Filming Me? Who's Filming You?

A lot of Motovun's charm derives from it's location and the centrality of it's events. Everything occurs within a few streets and, near all, exterior spaces. Audience members chat with filmmakers, revelers gyrate past audience members and those with camera's almost constantly end up filming or taking photos of others filming or taking photos.

Witness: Annabel Sexton joins us again to interview Colin... and his camera... Dougal. It's a not so long story.

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July 30, 2007

Hallam Foe's latest guest blogger... is 4!

You'll be glad to know that we weren't always derelict from duty. As soon as we've had a chance to anti red eye some photos they'll be up here too.

In the meantime possibly the worlds youngest video blogger, Annabel Sexton at 4 years old, joined us in Croatia for a small interview with David Mackenzie prior to the screening of Hallam Foe. I think Colin and I have a lot to learn.

Thanks to Sue, there are indeed some family foe photos over on the Motovun Film Festivals site here.

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July 27, 2007

3 Days in...

... and this is my first bog.

It's half past one ib tge morning and you giessed it, I'm drink.

Now the astute amongst you weill understanf that far from neglecting my duties ad imbibing the local fire water I have axtually been working on greater hings. I kid you not.

Small triumphs have been akieved. Not least, I have secured great iterviews with the leading lights of the Family Foe and they wil shortly be available for your viewing pleasure here and on the Flim Four Channel website, BIV's film factory and elsewhere on the web.

I sign off from my druken blurb for now but pronise good things for the futire.

ck xxxo


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July 25, 2007

Croatia, Motovun, the filth and the fury...

Good evening meine freunde. A lot has transpired since we set foot in Motovun, Croatia. Colin is busying himself shooting footage that will be released soon as podcasts/vodcasts. As a purveyor of every single dvd extra feature i can tell you that you will not be let down. His work is exemplary.

Last night the Motovun Film festival played host to another of Sigma Films's projects Red Road and the audience response was amazing. It's very odd to see a film shot in Glasgow and in the English language, subtitled into the native language. Often the idiosyncrasies of the dialogue can appear to be lost in translation, however such is the strength of the picture that every beat and every cut was welcomed by the warmest of responses, by both the cinéphiles and residents of Motovun (for whom this invasion of thousands must be very strange indeed).

The ACS086.jpg

I leave you with my view from the terrace as i sip a cold beer and look forward to a hearty meal (truffles are big in these parts) and a screening of Audition at 01:30. For anyone that's seen it, i'll be coming back at 02:45 for the audience reaction.

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July 23, 2007

Ich heiße Hallam Foe!

Prokino, our German distributor, have released the German version of the Hallam Foe trailer. And in the true spirit of the global conversation herewith...

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Only 766 Miles to go...

The most troublesome and exciting thing about blogging is just how reactionary you can be with it. I mean you can take a photo and have it uploaded within minutes. Hopefully I'll be bringing some of that to our blog.

In the main everything will be going here. With the best bits finely honed and delivered here at getyourpeople.

I'll also have a video channel running here. Viddler is just like YouTube except I'll be able to tag moments and people in the video, it's a little like a DVD commentary apart from you won't be able to hear me drone on. Let's hope the broadband connection at the top of Motovun is ready for team Hallam.

Image courtesy of bokutarik.

More here.

So where are we heading? The Motovun Film Festival. I first came here a few years ago with a film called Guy X when i was working at another production company F&ME. Mike Downey is the festival's Council of Advisors President, a man i used to work for and a throughly likable chap, therefore me and Colin hope we may get a lot of favours in meeting and bringing to you, lots of faces from the festival.

In the meantime I'm also working on walking the land (the web) connecting every single mention of Hallam Foe! Have a look at how far I've got over at Not very far admittedly, but feel free send me you links at londonfilmgeek {a} or tag links getyourpeople on your own accounts and leave me a comment below.

And if it's all just a bit too sunny for you here in Croatia. Edinburgh's Just around the corner, where we might have some more interesting things afoot.

Image courtesy of freekorps.

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July 18, 2007


...the one and only Mr. Lee Thomas, the London Film Geek.

Lee is going to be accompanying myself, David Mackenzie, Jamie Bell, Gillian Berrie and Matthew Justice to the Motovun film festival to do a kind of blog mash-up with them and the whole thing will take place here on Get Your People.

Lee Thomas

Lee works at Lunar films and is a blog fanatic, he writes the Lunar blog and also the Album Chart Show blog as well as having a big hand in the Sugarhouse Lane blog. Take a look.

So keep an eye on the blog for the next week or so because it's going to be a busy place as the Family Foe head to Croatia with their movie.

PS Sigma Films are particularly well represented at this festival with Hallam Foe, Red Road and After the Wedding all playing. It should be an exciting week and we will be bringing you interviews and stories from all the players (including Stephen Daldry of Billy Elliot and The Hours fame) taking part. I can't wait.

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